As a team with experience in the events and marketing sectors, we launched Stadyum Turu in 2016 to pursue the best ideas possible for our clientele of national and international brands. By designing a sports marketing event that is totally new to this country, we have brought valuable projects to life as a team that skillfully creates and manages ideas, closely follows world trends and technology, and analyzes the needs of our industry and business partners. Having created a brand new service category in Turkey, we will continue to introduce sports clubs to ground-breaking services that will allow them to gain more prestige, make bigger profits and deliver even better experiences to football fans by allowing them to discover different aspects of the game.

The team at Stadyum Turu works to the motto
“Football: it’s not wearing the same colors that counts, but sharing the same spirit!”

Making a name for itself through its ambitious projects in the sports industry and as the team behind the Beşiktaş
JK Honor Tour, a first in Turkey, Stadyum Turu has now been officially commissioned to organize events at Vodafone Park,
one of Turkey’s most beautiful stadiums, and continues to work with the many valuable clubs in its portfolio.


As a creative, innovative and tech-driven organization offering services at global standards
under a responsible business model and as the founder and only representative of stadium tour events in Turkey;
to design, produce and deliver bespoke solutions to our long-term business partners,
namely sports clubs, in accordance with their history, vision, mission and values.


To be an organization that maintains its leading position and sustainable growth target,
to contribute to the global goals of football clubs by creating value at the highest level for business partners,
employees and society, and to organize events that will do the Turkish sports community,
tourist industry and public proud.


We combine sports, fun, history and technology in our stadium tours to deliver sports fans an unforgettable experience!

We feel the excitement and enthusiasm in the stands,
the self-belief that gives the players the confidence to wow the crowds time and time again,
and the spirit of brotherhood and unity in the locker rooms,
and know that each game goes down in history as a memorable moment of glory and victory.

At Stadyum Turu, we turn these temples of football that have served the game in Turkey for over a century,
into interactive areas designed to world standards and equipped with the latest technology.

Stadyum Turu offers a whole range of services for all fans and sports lovers,
cooperating with prestigious football clubs to deliver unforgettable experiences.



Leading Turkish sports clubs


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